Manager responsibilities are to meet customers’ needs and concerns, ensuring high-quality service throughout the entire dining experience. The front-of-house manager’s primary responsibilities include administrative duties such as scheduling employees, managing reservations for regular service as well as private events, assigning servers to tables/sections before service, updating and printing menus, managing the Point of Service system, processing server reports, counting cash drawers, collaborating with the accountant regarding payroll, and processing paperwork for new hires. The manager also monitors front-of-house staff throughout their shifts to ensure employee accountability and fields employee questions/concerns. During service, the manager is present on the floor and is assisting the host in greeting guests as they arrive, answering the phone, updating the reservation sheet as needed, assigning walk-in guests to tables/servers as needed, assisting the expeditor at the pass to ensure quality/timely service of plated items, and assisting guests with questions/concerns.


  • Return voicemails to confirm reservations and answer guest questions
  • Confirm that dining room is prepared for service (staff is present/physical space is prepared/side work is completed, etc.)
  • Check that guest restrooms are clean and stocked (toilet paper and paper towels)
  • Assign servers to tables/sections and manage/update reservation sheet
  • Update and print menus
  • Prepare cash drawers (count and add change as needed)
  • Lead pre-shift staff meetings to present hand-sold items and share other pertinent information with front-of-house staff before service

During Service

  • Assist host in greeting guests as they arrive and escort them to assigned tables
  • Assign walk-in guests to tables/servers as needed
  • Manage reservation sheet
  • Answer phone calls
  • Assist with host responsibilities such as to-go orders and seating guests
  • Assist expeditor in managing the pass and delivering plated items to tables
  • Monitor front-of-house employee performance/accountability throughout shift
  • Manage POS system (adding and deleting buttons, changing prices, etc. “on the fly” during service)
  • Communicating menu/inventory changes with service staff throughout shift
  • Assist guests with questions/concerns

Closing Duties:

  • Verify server reports (before dismissing servers) and complete associated
  • Count cash drawers and complete associated paperwork
  • Print system report to submit with end-of-day paperwork
  • Verify that server side-work has been completed
  • Secure facility for closing (lock doors, turn off lights, verify that table candles areout and that no perishable items are left out, etc.)

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Schedule front-of-house employees
  • Manage reservations for regular service as well as private events
  • Manage the Point of Service system and menu documents per inventory/price changes
  • Collaborate with the accountant regarding payroll
  • Process paperwork for new hires and guide them through orientation